Our Services

Our Practice Focus

We represent families and individuals hoping to efficiently preserve, plan, and in a tax compliant manner, administer personal affairs. We help clients plan for guardians of minor children, medical decision making, guardians of the person in the event of incapacity and implement up-to-the-minute tax planning to ensure all clients preserve their wealth to the maximum extent provided by law. We attorney draft Revocable Family and Personal Trusts, Wills, Healthcare Directives and Powers of Attorney.

We advocate the maximum use of unified tax credits, effectively doubling the amount that a family can exclude from federal estate taxation. We advocate and plan for complete probate avoidance, meaning that our clients or their families will completely avoid the hassle, enormous expense and inefficiency of formal probate administration and the attending fees.

We represent single people, families, spouses, beneficiaries and the elderly. We have been the success full advocates of:

Executors of Wills – we will file and complete your formal Probate proceeding at the minimum statutory fee;

Trustees of Trusts – we will advise, counsel and facilitate your complete resolution of your duties as Trustee of any trust, including California Statutory notice, accounting, distribution and Federal/State tax compliance;

Fiduciary Tax Obligations – we will ensure that whether you are a beneficiary, Executor, Trustee or Administrator, you are aware and compliant of your Federal and State tax reporting obligations;

Beneficiaries – if you are a beneficiary of an Estate, Trust or otherwise, we will see to your complete and full distribution, protecting and exercising your rights to full and complete disclosure and remittance.

Families and Individuals – we draft wills, comprehensive estate plans, powers of attorney, healthcare directives and all supporting documents to ensure that individuals are adequately provided for, represented by appropriately empowered parties and preserving their resources for their designated beneficiaries. Our office has represented North County San Diego families, businesses, trusts, estates and beneficiaries for more than forty years.

Our Culture

We do not believe that high quality legal service needs to be presented to our clients in expensive board rooms. We have a convenient office located in downtown Carlsbad and enjoy meeting with clients at their convenience. We always identify our fee in advance of providing our services. Unlike many firms, we NEVER charge our clients a document storage fee and we will commit to maintaining copies of all client documents gratuitously. Our trust and estate planning packages are priced at fixed, not hourly fees and our probate administration fees are the absolute minimum set by law. Our practice has thankfully grown by the kind and continued referral of satisfied clients, and we believe their satisfaction is built on our fine service and fair fees.

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