Powers of Attorney

At its core, the purpose of a Power of Attorney for finances is to provide a simple, reliable and cost efficient manner for another person to manage your financial affairs when you are unavailable or incapacitated.

As the principal of a Power of Attorney, you -- not the court – select a trusted individual who shall act on your behalf should the need arise. In the absence of a validly executed Power of Attorney for finances, should you become incapacitated, the only remaining remedy to ensure your assets are used for your care and support is generally a formal Probate petition for a Conservatorship of the Estate.

After consultation with our clients, we carefully advise whether a General, Durable, Springing or Immediate Power of Attorney for Finance best meets the client’s objectives. We are sensitive to the individual requirements of our clients, and often modify the powers set forth in the instrument to reflect the circumstances unique to that client. From filing tax returns to obtaining government, insurance and retirement benefits, the powers enumerated in our instruments anticipate clients’ needs and protect their interests.

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